Wine Tasting - How To Taste Wine

21/10/2016 13:43

woman smell and holding wine glass with red wine on her right hand

Wine Tasting - How To Taste Wine



What is Wine Tasting


  • Wine Tasting is the examination and evaluation of wine,
  • "It's a sommeliers special event or sellers for buyers or retailers" 
  • The main purpose of wine tasting is to describe the flavors, aromas and general characteristics of a wine and or competition of the wine masters. 
  • Wine tasting is not drinking session to drunk, is all about "tasting" if you make the mistake of drinking several pours, in a short amount of time, don't be surprised that all your wines tasted are excellent wines. HA.HA.HA.
  •  In wine tasting "the spit bucket is your partner and you must focus on the task and thoughtfulness of wine. 
  • Spit first and drink later. Remember, it's a judgment and assessment of wines.




Wine Tasting Guide - Task



1) Pour about one ounce of wine into a glass. 


  • Raise the glass to light: twirl it, 
  • Examine it for color, 
  • Clarity, and weight.  
  • Record your judgments of color, clarity, and weight.



2) Twirl  the  wine in the glass and sniff for scent.  


  • Record your judgments of scent.



3) Sip the wine.  


  • Slowly roll it around with the tongue to expose it to all the taste buds. 
  • Record your judgments of taste.



4) Swallow the wine and enjoy the aftertaste. 


  • Record your judgments of touch and aftertaste.




Wine Tasting Guide - General Characteristics


a) Color
  • 1) Reddish Brown
  • 2) Dark Red
  • 3) Red
  • 4) Light Red
  • 5) Dark Pink
  • 6) Pink
  • 7) Light Pink
  • 8) Pale White
  • 9) White
  • 10) Golden White
  • 11) Yellow


b) Clarity
  • 1) Clear and Glowing
  • 2) Cloudy or Dull


c) Weight
  • 1) Full Bodied
  • 2) Medium Bodied
  • 3) Light Bodied


d) Scent
  • Pronounced
  • Moderate
  • Delicate Subtle


e) Taste
  • Definite Flavor
  • Mild Flavor
  • Obscure Flavor
  • Very Sweet
  • Sweet
  • Semi-Sweet
  • Semi-Dry
  • Dry
  • Very Dry
  • Very Tart
  • Tart
  • Slightly Tart
  • Mellow


f) Touch
  • Fruit
  • Nutty
  • Spicy
  • Herbetic
  • Rough
  • Smooth
  • Delicate


g) Aftertaste
  • Present Strong
  • Present Weak
  • Barely Present
  • Absent
  • Nobody can dictate you regarding the best wine unless you are agreed and you like it too. The best wine is the wine that you like.
I Hope you will find this information helpful.



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