Wine Recommendation to Different Foods

04/08/2015 23:24

Wine Recommendation to Different Foods




Wine Recommendation to Different Foods


Hors D'oeuvre -------- Light and dry white wine

Soup --------------------- No wine with  soup:  however, certain consomme and turtle soup are accompanied by glass of dry sherry.

Fish and Seafood ---- Dry white wine

Pork and Veal --------- Dry white wine, light red wine,dry rose,

Chicken and Other -- Dry white wine, rose wine or a light red

Fowls -------------------- wine.  The choice defends mainly on the preparation of the food.

Red Meat --------------- A full bodied red burgundy.

Game -------------------- A light red wine for light-flavored game, A full bodied red burgundy for heavy flavored game.

Cheese ----------------- Usually red wine: however,  the English cheese stilton is served with a glass of port.

Dessert ----------------- Sweet white wine or dessert wines  or Champagne.

Coffee ------------------ Cognac or brandies, or Liqueur or Eau de Vie. Note: Champagne can be drunk throughout the entire dinner.