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half bottle of henri IV dudognon heritage cognac 

What is the different between Cognac and Brand


What is the different between cognac and brandy, same as champagne and sparkling wine.


Why cognac can called brandy, but brandy can't called cognac. same as champagne can called sparkling wine, but sparkling wine can't called champagne.


Well, this is a very simple question if you are bartender, wine sommelier or working in the hotels, but for those peoples who are not working in the hotels or in the bar, this is a interesting question. I like to share the processing method of cognac and brandy, and champagne and sparkling wine. Please find below:



Produced from the region of cognac they called cognac. All brandies produced outside cognac they called brandy. The different between cognac and brandy is the cognac can called brandy but brandy cannot called cognac and they are different processing method: The cognac is a product of double distillation and brandy outside cognac mostly are single distillation.



A brandy known for its smoothness and heady dry aroma is produced only in the cognac region of France. Cognac, by the definition and by international law, is brandy produced from grapes grown in the district of Cognac.



All sparkling wine produced from the region of Champagne they called Champagne. All sparkling wines produced outside Champagne called sparkling wines.


I Hope you will find this information helpful.




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