What is clamacheve

20/11/2015 00:51

What is Clamacheve


Clamacheve is a mexican beer cocktail made with, beer, lime juice, salt and pepper, maggie seasoning, lea and perrins- worscestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, clamato or tomato juice . Clamacheve is a refreshing drink, please see below the preparations.


clamacheve beer cocktail in a beer mug garniahed with lime wedge with salt on glass rim


Cocktail Recipe

1/2   btl  Corona or San Miguel Beer

60   ml   Clamato or Tomato Juice

30   ml   Fresh Lime Juice

1  dash  Tabasco Pepper Sauce

2  dash  Lea/Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

2  dash  Maggie Seasoning Sauce

1 pinch   Salt

1 pinch   Black Pepper


Glass         Beer Mug or Highball 

Method      Pour and Stir



In a Salted Rim chilled beer mug glass over ice cubes, Pour all ingredients and Stir.

Garnish     Lime Wedge




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