Vodka Pride Cocktail

16/12/2016 16:17

vodka pride in martini glass garnish with cucumber wheel

Vodka Pride Cocktail

"The Missing Taste of Mojito"


Cocktail Recipe

60   ml   Absolut Vodka

20   ml   Simple Syrup(2 sugar >1 water)

1/2  pc   Fresh Lime Fruit (cut in four pcs)

1/2  pc   Fresh Lemon Fruit (cut in four pcs)

 8    pc   Fresh Mint Leaves

 2   wheel  Fresh Cucumber


Glass         Martini Glass

Method      Muddle / Shake / Strain



In a old fashioned glass or boston glass; put 8 pcs mint leaves, all cut fresh lemon and limes, Simple Syrup and muddle well; and then in a shaker with ice cubes, combine all ingredients together with absolut vodka; shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass

Garnish      Cucumber Wheel



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