USPH Standards for Cruise Ships

01/08/2015 13:35


USPH Standard


United State Public Health Rules



It is the creation and maintenance of healthful or hygiene conditions.



Acceptable norm or quality of a product of service


What does U.S.P.H. means? It stands for

U - United

S - States

P - Public

H - Health


What are U.S.P.H. standard?

These are rules and regulations defining safe and acceptable sanitation and hygiene practices and procedures for the purposes of safeguarding the health of the public.


Who sets regulates these standard and prevention.

Center for disease control


Who should follow these standards?

All Crewmembers/ Hotel employee



Among crew members/ Hotel Employee always



In the U.S: water, and other areas covered by treaties or agreements with other nation or territories.


Why is compliance to U.S.P.H standard important?

To protect the health of customers and the employee.



How U.S.P.H standards are implemented by employee


Personal hygiene

Sanitation and hygiene must start with the employee


Good Posture


Adequate Sleep

Balance Diet



To improve health

Eat well balance meals

Drink sufficient amount of water daily


Hygiene Rules

Bathe daily and apply deodorant

Brush teeth regularly, Use mouth wash

Keep hair clean and maintain a neat hairstyle

Wear clothes that fit well

Keep your fingernails clean or well-manicured

Wear shoes that fit well

Be clean-shaved daily

Always wash hand. Wash hand for at least 20 seconds:



Starting your duty

Handling raw or ready eat food



Using the toilet

Handling raw food

Handling soiled dishes/ glassware

Touching your hair, nose or mouth

Handling anything something dirty.