The Most Popular Wine Varietals

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Most Popular Wine Varietals " Wine Guide" 




4 bottle of white wines on the bar counter

White Wine


White Wine Varietals


Originate from Burgundy region of eastern France. Chardonnay is one of the most popular white wines in the world with variety of the wines of Champagne, Chablis, Burgundy, and Northern California. Chardonnay is a full-bodied wine, fruity with aroma of nut, melon, fruits and honey and with light yellow coloured. Pair well and highly recommended for white fish, grilled poultry, chicken, roast meat, cheeses and seafood.



Chenin Blanc

Originate from the Loire Valley of France. Light bodied white wine similar to pinot gris or sauvignon blanc, taste as a sweet, dry wine, fruity with aroma of lemon, apple, apricot and peach and with light yellow coloured.  pairs well and highly recommended for salads, white fish and chicken.



Moscato or Muscat

Un known where is originating some researched may be in Greece or Arabian Peninsula. Moscato or Muscat is a sweet wine with aroma of roses, honey and nutmeg and with pale green coloured. pairs well and highly recommended for desserts, white meat, veal, poultry, cheese, fois gras, nuts, pannetone and soufflés or even aperitif.



Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio

Originate from the Burgundy region of France. Medium dry and medium bodied wine with aroma of almond, honey, apple and nut and with yellowish coloured. pairs well and highly recommended for poultry, veal, pasta, cheeses and white meats dishes.




Originate from Rhine Region of Germany.  Riesling is a classic white wine variety well known for the light bodied, with aroma of apple, lemon, peach and with pale yellow coloured. pairs well with fish, poultry, game fowl and spicy foods.



Sauvignon Blanc

Originate from Loire Valley of France. Sauvignon blanc is a dry white wine, fruity, flowery with aroma of gooseberry, nutmeg, fresh grass and pale yellow coloured. pair well and highly recommended for shellfish, lobster, crab, white meats, pork and poultry.





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Red Wine


Red Wine Varietals

Cabernet Sauvignon

is the most popular red wine varietals, deep in red color, full-bodied wine with aromas of red currant, mocca, vanilla, cherry and blackberry. pairs well with red meats, any kind of heavier dishes, roasted or grilled steak, lamb, game and cheeses.




Originate from France, medium to full bodied wine with aromas of berry, cherry and plum. pairs well with beef, lamb, roasted meat, spicy food, pasta and cheeses.





Is also very popular red wine varietals, medium-bodied wine, dark blue color, fruity and full flavored. pairs well with roasted and grilled steaks, pork, duck, lamb, veal, turkey, cheeses or even pasta.



Pinot Noir

Is a another red wine varietal full-bodied wine with aromas of raspberry, roses, herbs, and vanilla. pairs well with roasted or grilled beef, chicken, duck, lamb, pork , veal and cheeses.



Syrah or Shiraz

Is a dark in color, full-bodied wine with aromas of spices, pepper, and dark berries. pairs well with all heavy red meats dishes, beef, lamb, game, steak, grilled meat, cheeses or even duck.




Is a ruby red in colour with aromas and flavor of dark berries plum, tobacco, herbs and chocolate. pairs well for lamb, grilled meat and cheeses.




Zinfandel grape originated in croatia is deep dark red wine. spicy, peppery wine, with a hint of fruit flavor: berry or dark cherries. pairs well with light foods, sweet foods and light cheeses.


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