My First Date Cocktail

09/02/2017 16:02

Learn more about valentine's day on February 14.


What is Valentine's Day?

Originally from a thousands years ago is a day of sending massage to special loved one to really express feelings and loved. Valentine's Day is a history of a man fall in love with a woman. Some of the informations, St. Valentine was one of the Valentine's Day History. What ever the history is, the best gift to our generations today was the day of loved.


Celebrate Valentine's Day with


My First Date Cocktail

my first date cocktail in a hurricane glass garnish with pineapple slice and fresh strawberry fruit on the glass rim holding by lady right hand with ring


"Special Cocktail for Special Loved One"

and flowers

mixed flowers with red and white colors and green leaves


Sweetheart! this cocktail is not easy to make, "but, I will do it for you, to make you satisfied.




Happy Valentine's Day



Cocktail Recipe

First Cocktail Recipe

30   ml   Bacardi Superior Rum

30   ml   Coco Lopez Coconut Cream

30   ml   Del Monte Pineapple Juice

30   ml   Simple Syrup( 2 sugar >1 water)


Second Cocktail Recipe

30   ml   Jose Cuervo Tequila Silver

15   ml   Cointreau Triple Sec Liqueur

  3   pcs   Fresh strawberries Fruits

15   ml   Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice



Glass         Poco Grande

Method      Frozen / Layered



First step) In a blender, combine tequila, triple sec, fresh strawberries and fresh lime juice with the crushed ice; Blend well at high speed and pour into a poco grande glass  (half of the glass layer on the top)


Second step) In a blender, combine bacardi rum, coconut  cream, pineapple juice and sugar syrup with the crushed ice; Blend well at high speed; pour into a chilled poco grande glass.  (half of the glass layer)

Garnish      Pineapple Slice and Fresh Strawberry





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