Most Popular Drinks in Barcelona

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Most Popular Drinks in Barcelona

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Popular Drinks in Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is one of the world's most visited cities and has most popular drinks that you can order in any clubs, classic cocktail bar or even in the small bar and restaurant in the city. Basically when ordering beer or drinks in the bar you must directly say it the words such as Corona or Coronita, Una Cana, Una Mediana, Un Botellin, Una Cerveza Sin, Un Copa, Una Clara, Un Chupito, Vino Tinto, Tinto de Verano, Cafe Solo, Cortado, Cafe Con Leche, Tea Infusion, Poleo Menta and many more. All drinks below are the most popular in Barcelona.


Barcelona Drinks

  1. Aperol Spritz
  2. Bloody Mary
  3. Caipirinha
  4. Caipiroska
  5. Cafe Solo - is a espresso coffee drink
  6. Cafe Con Leche - is coffee with milk
  7. Carajillo
  8. Cava - is a sparkling wine
  9. Cerveza - is a beer in bottle or draft beer
  10. Clara
  11. Cortado - is a small coffee with milk like small latte coffee
  12. Coronita or Corona - is a mexican beer
  13. Cosmopolitan
  14. Daiquiri
  15. Destornillador - is a screwdriver cocktail
  16. Dry Martini
  17. Gin and Tonic
  18. Horchata(orxata) - is a non-alcoholic drink like juice made with ground almond, sesame seeds, rice, barley and more.
  19. LICOR 43 - is a spanish liqueur with a secret of 43 different ingredients, its a sweet citrus flavor with vanilla and spice.
  20. Limoncello -  is an Italian lemon liqueur produced in southern italy. It is a popular liqueur with various recipes and sweet and sour taste.
  21. Margarita
  22. Mojito
  23. Negroni
  24. Moscatel - is a naturally sweet wine
  25. Pina Colada
  26. Pisco Sour
  27. Poleo Menta - is a tea with mint flavored
  28. Sangria
  29. Strawberry Daiquiri
  30. Tea Infusion - is a tea like manzanilla and many more brand
  31. Tinto de Verano
  32. Vermut - is a vermouth same as martini
  33. Vino Tinto - is a Red Wine
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