How to make greek coffee

25/05/2015 15:59

GREEK COFFEE in a tall coffee mug with brown sugar on the glass rim and whipping cream on top garnish with red cherry on top of whipping cream



Coffee Recipe

15   ml   Metaza 7 Star Brandy

15   ml   Marie Brizard Anise Liqueur

120 ml   Lavazza Fresh Hot Coffee

1    tsp   Domino Dark Brown Sugar

30   ml   Nestle Whipped Cream


Glass         Coffee Mug

Method      Pour and Stir



In a hot coffee mug pour metaxa brandy, marie brizard and brown sugar;Stir; fill the coffee mug  with fresh hot coffee and stir well; top it with chilled whipping cream. (Note: Rim the glass by dipping kahlua and then brown sugar)

Garnish      Red Cherry