Drunk showering it can cause of temporary blindness/conscious blackout? Did you know?

30/01/2017 15:06


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Did you know?

Drunk showering, it can cause of temporary blindness/conscious blackout?





Drinking alcoholic beverage like wine, cocktail, beer and other alcoholic drinks is a part of daily life for all drinkers to unwind, relax or release from tension and sometimes to scape from reality or celebrate success of life. "but, may be drinkers are not aware that drunk showering it can cause of temporary blindness/conscious blackout.



I made this article to warn drinkers that drunk showering is a bad idea, it can cause of temporary blindness/conscious blackout.


I like to share my personal experience when I was 25 years old and its my birthday. Here! what happened? On that day of my birthday after working hours at 6 o clock in the evening my self and friends was celebrated my birthday in one of well know pub in town, from 7 pm until bar closed at 3 am, so, everybody was drunk and I'm really drunk too "but, I can manage to go home.


I reached my apartment at 4 am and straight to my bed and set my alarn clock at 8 o clock in the morning, because, I need to report for work at 9 am. When my alarm clock wake me up in the morning, I forced my self to take a shower to refresh my body even i am not feeling well, because of hangover and fatigues in my whole body likes; boiling blood or dots on my legs, hands and head. but, I just ignored what i feels and straight to the shower room.


"Here, what happened in the shower room!"

When i entered in the shower room quickly turn on the cold water and started to wash my head and apply shampoo on it, normally my eyes are closed when apply lather to protect from dropping shampoo and run my hands through my hair until all soap was rinsed out and then, when i opened my eyes, its really shocking! I can't see, its zero visibility is a totally black-out. this time i am still calm and thinking that the shower lights was automatically off by circuit breaker in my apartment, so, i called my room mate to switch-on the lights, because, i am still showering and my room mate told me that all lights are on including the shower room lights, so, this time, i feel panic and tell to my room mate that i can't see and later in approximately 45 sec to 75 sec. or may be more my sight came back. Thanks God!


I am temporary blind or blackout in approximately 45 sec to 75 sec. or may be more, i don't really explain what is exactly seconds or minutes, because, i am on panic mode on that time.


This experience has given me a great warning to learned discipline for my self not only in showering when drunk, it is also in my general character and right conduct.


Since when i was learned drinking wine, cocktail, beer and other alcoholic beverage at the age of 18, I always doing this kind of scenarios (drunk showering) and nothing happening for so many years. That is why? I am really, really shocked on that day of my 25th birthday, but, is a great lesson for me to control my drinking hobbits, I am still drinking and its a part of my life to unwind with a limit to the maximum 3 drinks.




I Hope you will find this information helpful



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