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STRAWBERRY MARGARITA with red color drink in a margarita glass garnish with lime wheel and strawberry fruit on the glass rim

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My Cocktail Bar Guide
It's a free app, one of world's best cocktail app ever made
The ultimate home of all most popular cocktail, all types of cocktail, all cocktail categories, all cocktail color, all cocktail by spirits base and all time 
best cocktail and mixed drink recipes in the world with guide to all areas of bartending profession
All Cocktails
You can use it without internet or wifi signal. Open all cocktail and drink "ONLINE" and authomatically saved in your device
My Cocktail Bar Guide is a collection of most popular cocktail and mixed drink recipes such as: vodka cocktail, gin cocktail, rum cocktail, tequila cocktail, 
whiskey cocktail, bourbon cocktail, brandy cocktail, champagne cocktail, liqueur cocktail, 1920's cocktail, 1980's cocktail, after dinner drink, beer cocktail, before dinner drink, bitters cocktail, blended drink, celebrity cocktail, chocolate cocktail, christmas cocktail, classic cocktail, cruise favorite cocktail, coladas cocktail, country cocktail, creamy cocktail, daiquiri cocktail, dessert cocktail, dry cocktail, fruity cocktail, gay favorite drink, girl drink, brunch cocktail, easy cocktail, lesbian drink, layered shooters drink, liqueur coffee drink, long drink, low alcoholic cocktail, low-calorie cocktail, margarita 
cocktail, martini cocktail, men drink, mocktail, modern classic cocktail, punch cocktail, shooters drink, short drink, signature cocktail, soft cocktail, sour 
cocktail, standard cocktail, strong cocktail, sweet cocktail, tiki cocktail, tropical cocktail, versatile cocktail
BROWSE ALL COCKTAILS - List of all most popular cocktail and mixed drink recipes available. Each cocktail contains complete information: cocktail name, photo, ingredients, method, glass, mixture of preparation and garnishing
  1. All Cocktails - Famous Cocktail.....1
  2. Cocktail A-Z - Alphabetical List......1
  3. By Category - All Categories..........1
  4. By Base - Cocktails By Spirits......11
  5. By Ingredient - All Ingredients........1
  6. All Types - Types of Cocktail.......64
  7. By Color - 9 Cocktail Colors...........9
  8. Best & Favorite - Best Cocktail......1
  9. Bartender Guide - Bar Manuals.....1


ALL COCKTAILS - All Cocktails and Mixed Drink Recipes, You can easily see what is your favorite cocktail

COCKTAIL  A - Z  - All Cocktail Alphabetical Lists

COCKTAIL BY CATEGORY - All Cocktail Categories

COCKTAIL BY BASE - All cocktail Spirits Brand
  1. Vodka Cocktail
  2. Gin Cocktail
  3. Rum Cocktail
  4. Cachaca Cocktail
  5. Tequila Cocktail
  6. Whiskey Cocktail
  7. Bourbon Cocktail
  8. Brandy Cocktail
  9. Liqueur Cocktail
  10. Baileys Cocktail
  11. Kahlua Cocktail
  12. Champagne Cocktail
COCKTAIL BY INGREDIENT - Check what ingredients you have in your bar cabinet. Click cocktail ingredient and my cocktail bar will show you all available lists of cocktail and you can see what cocktail you can make. All Cocktail ingredients are with ready mixed cocktail prepared
COCKTAIL ALL TYPES - All Types of Cocktail & Mixed Drink Recipes Available
  1. Best Cocktail for Beginners
  2. Cocktail, Every New Bartender Must Know
  3. 1920's Cocktail
  4. 1980's Popular Cocktail
  5. After Dinner Drink
  6. Beer Cocktail
  7. Before Dinner Drink
  8. Bitters Cocktail
  9. Blended drink
  10. Celebrity Cocktail
  11. Champagne Cocktail
  12. Chocolate Cocktail
  13. Christmas Cocktail
  14. Classic Cocktail
  15. Creamy Cocktail
  16. Cruise Favorite Cocktail
  17. Cocktails, Every Bartender Should Know
  18. Cocktails, Never Order When Bar is Busy
  19. Coladas Cocktail
  20. Country Cocktail
  21. Daiquiri Cocktail
  22. Dessert Cocktail
  23. Dry Cocktail
  24. Embarrassing Cocktail Names
  25. Fruity Cocktail
  26. Gay Favorite Drink
  27. Girl Drink
  28. Hangover Cure & Brunch Cocktail
  29. Hospitality at Home Easy to Make
  30. Hot Drink
  31. Las Vegas Favorite Cocktail
  32. Layered Shooters drink
  33. Lesbian Drink
  34. Liqueur Coffee Drink
  35. Long Drink
  36. Low Alcohol Cocktail
  37. Low-Calorie Cocktail
  38. Margarita Cocktail
  39. Martini Cocktail
  40. Medical Cocktail
  41. Mens Drink
  42. Mocktail
  43. Moderm Classic Cocktail
  44. Most Popular Cocktail
  45. New York Favorite Cocktail
  46. Party Drink - Alcoholic Cocktail
  47. Party Drink - Non-alcoholic
  48. Punch Cocktail
  49. Shooters Drink
  50. Short Drink
  51. Signature Cocktail
  52. Sour Taste Cocktail
  53. Standard Cocktail
  54. Strong Cocktail
  55. Sweet Taste Drink
  56. Tiki Cocktail
  57. Tropical Cocktail
  58. UK Favorite Cocktail
  59. USA Most Favorite Cocktail
  60. Versatile Cocktail
  61. World Leader's Favorite Cocktail
  62. World's Best-Selling Cocktail
  63. World's Cocktail
  64. World's Top 100 Cocktail


COCKTAIL BY COLOR - All Cocktail Available Colors

  1. Blue Cocktail
  2. Red Cocktail
  3. Green Cocktail
  4. Yellow Cocktail
  5. Pink Cocktail
  6. Brown Cocktail
  7. Black Cocktail
  8. White Cocktail
  9. Transparent Cocktail
  10. BEST & FAVORITE - All Best Cocktail
BARTENDER GUIDE is a bartender training manual, cocktail mixing, cocktail service, cocktail tips from luxury cruise ships & hotels, bars and restaurant 
  1. 6 Steps to Become a Bartender
  2. Bar Measurement Guide
  3. Blood Alcoholic Concentration (BAC)
  4. New Bartender or Pretending
  5. Bartender Job Description
  6. Bar Opening and Closing
  7. Cocktail and Bar Service
  8. Bar and Beverage Service Procedures
  9. Dealing with Guests Complaints
  10. Beverage Guide
  11. Wine Sommelier Basic Guide
  12. Bar Cost
  13. Bar Costs Control
  14. Menu Costing
  15. Bar Set Up
  16. Bar Equipment
  17. Sanitation - U.S.P.H. Standard
  18. Cocktail & Mixed Drink Tips
  19. Country Popular Cocktail & Drinks
  20. Cocktail Party Hosting
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