Bar Set Up of Speed Rack (Well)

04/08/2015 23:34


Bar Set Up of Speed Rack (Well)


Speed Rack (Well) Sample of Bar Set Up

 When preparing your bar for operations you have to arrange all items in order, to avoid delay in preparing drinks. There is no standard rules written on how to arrange all bottles, but in my experience  and most bartender are using the system to be able to make drinks past and easy.  If you are two or more bartender in the bar area, make sure that you explain the bottle arrangement.


Speed Rack (Well)

The speed rack (well) is located always in front of the ice. This is either one or two shelves. When using a double rack (well) your top shelves is always the area where you place your house pouring brands from right to left (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, scotch whiskey, bourbon whiskey, brandy or cognac and vermouth sweet and dry; and the lower shelve is the area where you place your other pouring brands that you need in the operations and sellable.


Bar Set Up

Speed Rack (Well) Top Shelve - Arrange the bottles from right to left

1) Vodka

2) Gin   

3) Rum

4) Tequila

5) Triple Sec

6) Scotch Whiskey

7) Bourbon Whiskey

8) Brandy or Cognac

9) Vermouth Sweet and Dry

10) Angostura Bitters

11) Grenadine Syrup

12) Rose’s Lime Juice´

13) Lemon Juice

14) Simple Syrup (2 sugar> 1 water)


Speed Rack (Well) Lower Shelve - Arrange the bottles from right to left.

1) Armagnac

2) Canadian Whiskey

3) Citrus Flavored Vodka

4) Russian Vodka

5) Single Malt Scotch

6) Spanish Brandy

7) Whiskey – Blended and Irish

8) Blue Curacao

9) Kahlua

10) Baileys

11) Tia Maria

12) Peach Schnapps

13) Crème de Menthe Green