Bar Set Up of Bar Rail and Spirits

04/08/2015 23:37

Bar Set Up of Bar Rail and Spirits


Bar Rail

Is located on the bar top in front of your mixing station and you can also display all kind of premium spirits.


Basic Liqueur

Amaretto - Almond-flavored liqueur/Italy

Baileys - Whiskey/mint-flavored/Ireland

Blue Curacao - Orange-flavored

Creme de Cacao - Chocolate/vanilla/France

Creme de Menthe - Mint-flavored/France

Grand Marnier - Orange/Brandy/France

Kahlua - Coffee-flavored from Mexico

Tia Maria - Coffee-flavored/Jamaica

Triple Sec - Orange-flavored


Other Liqueurs

Abricotine - Apricot/brandy-flavored/France

Advocaat - Egg.Sugar.Brandy/Holland

Anisette - Anise/France,Italy,Spain

Apricot Brandy - Apricot-flavored

B&B -Mix of Benedictine/brandy,France

Benedictine - Herb-flavored liqueur/France

Blackberry Brandy - Blackberry-flavored

Chambord - Raspberry-flavored/France

Chartreuse - Herb-flavored from France

Cherry Brandy - Cherry-flavored/Denmark

Cointreau - Orange-flavored liqueur/France

Creme de Banana - Banana-flavored

Creme de Cassis - Black currants/France

Creme de Noyaux -Almond-flavored/France

Creme de Vanille -Vanilla/France, Holland

Drambuie - Scotch,herbal,honey/Scotland

Florenza - Hazelnuts-flavored from Italy

Frangelico - Hazelnut-flavored liqueur, Italy

Galliano - Herb- yellow liqueur/Italy

Goldwasser - Herbal-flavored/Germany

Irish Mist - Whiskey-liqueur/Ireland

Keuck - Coffee-flavored liqueur/Turkish

Kirsch - Cherry-flavored from Alsace

Kummel - Caraway-flavored/Germany

Malibu - Coconut/rum-flavored/USA

Maraschino Liqueur - Maraschino/ Italy

Midori - Honeydew melon/Japan

Monin - Lime-flavored liqueur/France

Ouzo - Anise-flavored liqueur/Greece

Pasha - Coffee-flavored liqueur/Turkish

Peach Brandy - Peach-flavored liqueur

Peppermint Schnapps -Peppermint/Germany

Peter Heering - Cherry-liqueur/Denmark

Prunelle - Plum-flavored liqueur/France

Rumple Minthz - Peppermint/Germany

Sabra - Orange and chocolate/Israel

Sambuca - Liquorice/neutral spirits, Italy

Sloe Gin - Sloeberries-flavored

Southern Comport - Peaches-flavored/USA

Vandermint - Chocolate &  mint/Netherland

Yukon Jack - Strong,amber-colored/Canada