Bar Outlet Opening and Closing Procedures

04/08/2015 23:52

Bar Outlet Opening and Closing Procedures


Opening Bar Outlet


Opening Bar Outlet

1) Get the bar keys from the bar office

2) Check bar bulletin board and information's

3) Open the bar outlets

4) Check fridges bar stocks and refill

5) Prepare mise-en-place such as: Ice Cubes, Crushed Ice, Bar tools, Glasses, Garnished and Spirits

6) Set up tables, chairs, ashtrays and bar menus

7) Open the bar lights inside and outside the bar

8) Set up bar display and cocktail of the day

9) Check bar outlets curtain and promotion

10) Check bar utilities, waitresses reporting time

11) Informed all not available items to servers

12) Open and ready the NCR machine or Micro

13) Received order from waitresses serve is being followed





Closing Bar Outlet


Closing Bar Outlet

1) Compile all bar check and make bar report

2) Segregate all charges for management, staff customers and concessionaire.

3) Reading the NCR machine or Micro

4) Ready the bar report to be check by the supervisor, head bartender or bar manager.

5) Conduct daily bar inventory reports

6) Check and make requisition for tomorrow

7) Refill all fridges inside and outside the bar.

8) General cleaning of bar outlets including fridges, coffee machine, ice machine, glass washing machine, floors, equipment's, glasses, tables and chairs.

9) Close the bar and check all machines

10) Submit bar checks and reports to accounting

11) Surrender bar keys to bar office and report to bar manager any problem encountered.