Bar Managers Tips and Advise - Looking for a Job

05/08/2015 00:09

Bar Managers Tips and Advise - Looking for a Job


If you wish to be Bartenders, Bar Waiter, Bar Waitress, Bar Helper, Wine Waiter even you don't have any experience in the bar.  Here your guides.


Step No.1

First you have to study and familiarize the some part of this bartendercocktails as follows:

Bartender Menu and Standard Cocktail

1) U.S.P.H Standard

2) Bar and Beverage Service Procedures

3) Bartender Beverage Guide

4) Bartender Duty Guide

5) Bar Set Up

6) Bar Equipment

7) Wine Sommelier

8) Standard Cocktails

9) Mocktails

10 Versatile Cocktails



For beverage knowledge it's better to start with bartender beverage guides. These complete information you can really understand what is beverage is all about and for cocktail knowledge study and memorized 66 standard cocktails and 31 mocktails. These are the mixed drinks common and known by every professional bartender in the world.


Step No. 2

Search for a job opening as a Bar Helper and regarding for job interview doesn't worry, you have already the image of bar operations, and once you hired this will give you opportunity or hand-on training in bartender duties, Such as bar set up, restocking sodas, beers, liquor, liqueur and other refilling job in the bar. Cleaning the bar, organizing the speed rack, bar rail, bar fridges, beer cooler and preparing garnishes. Bar Helper experience is your step or door to a bartending job same as bar waiters, bar waitresses and wine waiter. While assisting in the bar, as a bar helper talk to your bartender and ask more about job and if there is opportunity tries to help him to assist in the bar, take note all activities inside the bar you can use it, once you are alone. When you know already the bartending job then you are ready to look a bartending job.


Step No. 3

Before you search for bartending jobs, it's better to review bartendercocktails and focus on  bartender duties and responsibilities, to make sure you ready with full confident of job interview or searching bartending job.


Step No. 4

Continue to study and familiarize this cocktail app until perfectly memorized all informations. bartendercocktails will bring you to the highest level of bartender knowledge and can be one of the best bartender in the world.  All information on this cocktails app is collections all over the world and not all bartenders knows.  Your standing is must higher than ordinary bartenders who gain knowledge in one place or country. Bartenders in the cruise ship are a class "A" bartender and can be a bar manager, if you wish to work in land base.




Is a one of the world's best collection of cocktails and mixed drink recipes with perfect guides to all areas of bartending profession. All contents are original and 100% unique. It was created to help people who want to learn bartendingbar serving and wine serving for free

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