IRISH COFFEE V.I.P. GUEST in a Irish coffee glass with brown sugar on the glass rim and whipping cream on top garnish with red cherry on top of whipping cream



Coffee Recipe


1 Chaffing Dish Burner

Brown Sugar on Small BB Plate

Dash of Kahlua Coffee Liqueur on the Small BB Plate

Irish Coffee Glass

Hot fresh coffee from the coffee machine

Jameson Irish Whisky

Whipped Cream



Rim the Irish coffee glass by dipping Kahlua and then brown sugar

Flame the burner

Flambé the rim of Irish coffee glass until the brown sugar stick in the rim of the glass.

Pour 45 ml of Jameson Irish Whiskey

Flambé the Irish Coffee Glass with the Jameson whiskey until hot and flammable.

Fill the glass with fresh hot coffee and brown sugar and stir well

Top it with chilled whipping cream and red cherry on the top

Finally serve the Irish coffee with pleasure.