miami vice cocktail with color drink in a hurricane glass



Cocktail Recipe

First Step

30   ml   Bacardi Superior Rum

15   ml   Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

 2   pcs   Fresh Strawberry Fruit

15   ml   Simple Syrup (2 sugar>1 water)


2nd Step

30   ml   Bacardi Superior Rum

30   ml   Del Monte Pineapple Juice

15   ml   Coco Lopez Coconut Cream

1  dash   Bols Blue Curacao Liqueur

(Layered strawberry daiquiri +

pinacolada top with blue curacao)


Glass          Poco Grande

Method      Frozen / Layered



First step ) In a blender, combine rum,  fresh strawberries fruits, lemon juice and  simple syrup with the crushed ice; Blend  well at high speed; pour into a chilled  poco grande glass (half of the glass layered);


2nd step) In a blender, combine rum,  coconut cream and pineapple juice with  the crushed ice; Blend well at high speed  and pour into a chilled poco grande glass  (half of the glass layered on the top) Top with blue curacao

Garnish      Pineapple Slice