STARWBERRY MOJITOs cocktail with red color drink in a two highball glasses garnished with lime wheel, mint leaves  and strawberry fruit on the glass rim

Strawberry Mojito


Cocktail Recipe

45   ml   Bacardi Superior Rum

30   ml   Freshly Squeezed LIme Juice

30   ml   Schweppes Soda Water

  4   pc   Fresh Starwberry Fruit

  8   pc   Fresh Mint leaves

6  grms   Domino Dark Brown Sugar

1   dash   Angostura Aromatic Bitters


Glass         Highball

Method      Muddle, Pour and Stir



In a chilled highball glass put 8 pcs mint leaves, 15 ml  lemon juice or half fresh lime in 4 pcs, 4 pcs strawberry fruit 15 ml  bacardi;  6 grms brown sugar and muddle;  Put ice cubes and pour bacardi and lemon juice; top with schweppes soda water and drop angustura aromatic bitters; Stir

Garnish      Lime Wedge