sazerac cocktail in a old fashioned glass garnish with lemon twist




Cocktail Recipe

60    ml       Rye Whiskey

1  cube       White Sugar

7.5   ml       Herbsaint

3  dash       Peychaud's Aromatic Bitters


Glass         Old Fashioned

Method      Pour and Stir



In a chilled old fashioned glass put full of crushed ice and pour the 7.5 ml of herbsaint over the ice and set aside; to build sazerac, in a shaker put white sugar cube and 3 dashes of peychaud's, 60 ml rye whiskey and muddle the sugar cube, put cube ice and stir gently. removed the ice from old fashioned glass, pour sazerac and strain into old fashioned glass.

Garnish      Lemon peel or lemon twist