1) Usually found in upscale restaurants or in luxury cruise ships, sommelier is a specialist in wine service, they are also expected to have extensive knowledge of cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

2) In luxury cruise ships they called " Wine steward " this professional typically manages the wine cellar at the restaurant, and acts as onboard experts on wine and food pairing.

3) Typically on land base, five star hotels, resorts, exclusive restaurants, fine dining restaurants have at least one wine sommelier or wine steward.

4) Wine Sommelier or wine steward is responsible for providing courteous and professional wine and beverage service to the guest and all aspects of wine which wine pairs best with the meal ordered.

5) recommend a wine to guests and provide information about the wine's  the origin and the nature of its flavor if the guests request it,

6) Apply merchandizing and upselling techniques for maximum revenues, and must be able to attain reasonable sales target.

7) helps guests learn how to taste wine to enhance their dining experience.  Serves the wine to guest.

8) The procedures of serving wines are can include showing the cork to the guests,

9) Note: showing the cork to the guest is an art of professional wine sommelier but guest don't know why you showing the cork, here the tips, by showing the cork means you can discovered, if the wine as follows:

1) Flowery  

2) Sweaty 

3) Woody.

10) Pouring a sample and waiting while it is tasted, When the guests are ready, pour the entire glass of wine. Return to the table to ask how diners enjoyed the wine and listen to tales of their experience.



(For more information please check the procedures on Serving Wine)



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