Important points to three bucket system


a) The main task done in this system are:

Washing with water and soap/ detergent

Rinsing with water

Sanitizing with water and sanitizing agent


b) The use of a different bucket for each task.  This will also include a different sponge or mop for each particular task


c) Color code the bucket for easy recognition  so as to minimize mistakes


d) This system includes the use of a separate sink for each different task.


e) Hot/ cold water is used depending on what is being cleared for utensil or other food handling tools use hot water. The temperature will defend on the company standards.


f) Allowable sanitizing solutions are

5% solution household bleach: one oz. for four gallon of water or 100 parts chlorine to one million parts water.

5% solution quaternary compounds: two oz. for four gallon of water


g) Change solution often to maintain consistency


h) Use Litmus paper to check sanitizing solution. If paper turns blue, it is okay. If grey, it lack concentration needs to be replaced


I) After sanitizing, drip and air dry or place in dryer


j) Don't use towel or cloth to take off moisture or water. These themselves are healthy homes of bacteria and viruses and will negative whatever sanitation process you had made sure. This technique may make your glasses look sparkling clean. But are they sanitized?



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