Bar Staff Job Description


Cruise Ships - Bar Manager and Bartender Job Description


Bar Managers Job Description



Job Title         :       Bar Manager

Report to        :       F&B Manager/Hotel Manager



Bar Manager Basic Function

Responsible for directing, controlling and supervising all the activities of Beverage staff in providing courteous and efficient service to guests/ customers, Ensures that the Beverage outlets functions and operate smoothly and properly in accordance to the company set standard.



Bar Manager Duties and Responsibilities

1) Recommends procedures to govern the activities of Beverage outlets and its staff and ensures that subordinates understand and adhere to approved company standard policies and procedures.


2) Continually plan and schedules own activities and those of Beverage staff so that work is carried out efficiently and effectively and that possible future problems are adequately met.


3) Provides adequate supervision before, during and after operations and assist in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.


4) Coordinates operations of matters affecting other department of the activities of the Beverage Depatment.


5) Preserves and makes effective use of the physical asset of the company; takes reasonable and necessary action to protect company money and property against loss or waste through mishandling, negligence or dishonesty.


6) Trains personnel on a regular basis to enhance their knowledge, skills and ability. Conduct meeting and pre-service briefings if so required to discuss relevant information that Beverage staff might need to know.


7) Administers company safety programs and such other prudent safety precautions in the Beverage outlets as directed by the safety officer; take all necessary actions in the event of an emergency to prevent loss of human lives or destruction of company property and assumes pre-assigned additional duties during emergencies.


8) Sees that proper channel of communications are established, observe and maintain throughout all levels of the section, departments within the hotel and company.


9) Takes every opportunity to improve customer and public relations, by knowing and explaining the hotel or company policies and services and make the hotel company appear in the most favorable light possible to guest


10) Sees to the maintenance of quality of service, cleanliness, orderliness of work areas, supplies, materials and equipment in the Beverage outlets in conformity with the established standard of the company.


11) Sees to the strict compliance of the Beverage personnel with the company standard in grooming and general appearance.


12) Make sure that all Beverage outlets are ready for service 15 minutes before official operation time.


13) Do the final reading of the cash register or machine in all bar outlets. (If available) check and audit sales report made by the Assistant Bar Manager and compiled by asst. Bar Manager; investigate any discrepancy and recommend possible action to be taken by the Food and Beverage Manager or hotel manager.


14) Compiles all Beverage reports on charges, signing privileges every end of the month.


15) Receives and double check  Beverage cash sales daily as compiled by asst. bar  manager and submit the same to the finance manager.


16) Compiles daily sales summary report.


17) Compiles all third copy of the receipt for audit and record of sales purposes.


18) Conduct an inventory of Beverage stocks and equipment’s on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


19) Attends to guests/customers comments, requests, complaints and suggestions and discuss with F&B Manager/Hotel Manager,


20) Perform other Beverage related duties that may be assigned.