Bar Rail - Other Spirits


Bar Rail

Is located on the bar top in front of your mixing station and you can also display all kind of premium spirits.


Basic Liqueur

Amaretto - Almond-flavored liqueur/Italy

Baileys - Whiskey/mint-flavored/Ireland

Blue Curacao - Orange-flavored

Creme de Cacao - Chocolate/vanilla/France

Creme de Menthe - Mint-flavored/France

Grand Marnier - Orange/Brandy/France

Kahlua - Coffee-flavored from Mexico

Tia Maria - Coffee-flavored/Jamaica

Triple Sec - Orange-flavored


Other Liqueurs

Abricotine - Apricot/brandy-flavored/France

Advocaat - Egg.Sugar.Brandy/Holland

Anisette - Anise/France,Italy,Spain

Apricot Brandy - Apricot-flavored

B&B -Mix of Benedictine/brandy,France

Benedictine - Herb-flavored liqueur/France

Blackberry Brandy - Blackberry-flavored

Chambord - Raspberry-flavored/France

Chartreuse - Herb-flavored from France

Cherry Brandy - Cherry-flavored/Denmark

Cointreau - Orange-flavored liqueur/France

Creme de Banana - Banana-flavored

Creme de Cassis - Black currants/France

Creme de Noyaux -Almond-flavored/France

Creme de Vanille -Vanilla/France, Holland

Drambuie - Scotch,herbal,honey/Scotland

Florenza - Hazelnuts-flavored from Italy

Frangelico - Hazelnut-flavored liqueur, Italy

Galliano - Herb- yellow liqueur/Italy

Goldwasser - Herbal-flavored/Germany

Irish Mist - Whiskey-liqueur/Ireland

Keuck - Coffee-flavored liqueur/Turkish

Kirsch - Cherry-flavored from Alsace

Kummel - Caraway-flavored/Germany

Malibu - Coconut/rum-flavored/USA

Maraschino Liqueur - Maraschino/ Italy

Midori - Honeydew melon/Japan

Monin - Lime-flavored liqueur/France

Ouzo - Anise-flavored liqueur/Greece

Pasha - Coffee-flavored liqueur/Turkish

Peach Brandy - Peach-flavored liqueur

Peppermint Schnapps -Peppermint/Germany

Peter Heering - Cherry-liqueur/Denmark

Prunelle - Plum-flavored liqueur/France

Rumple Minthz - Peppermint/Germany

Sabra - Orange and chocolate/Israel

Sambuca - Liquorice/neutral spirits, Italy

Sloe Gin - Sloeberries-flavored

Southern Comport - Peaches-flavored/USA

Vandermint - Chocolate &  mint/Netherland

Yukon Jack - Strong,amber-colored/Canada



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