Bar Cost Sample


Bar Cost Sample

You can use these formulas for any bar business. when preparing the bar cost, collect all daily bar receipts

 for the whole week/ month.


Bar Cost Summary Report


Figure - 1            

Bar Cost Transaction Report

Description           Liquor     Wine       Beer      Total

Open. Invty           100          50          200         350

Deliveries              200        100         150         450

Consumption         200          50         100         350

Closing Invty          100        100         250         450

Bar Sales            1.000        200         450      1.650

Bar Cost                  20%       25%       22%    21.21%


Figure - 2            

Bar Cost Summary Report

Opening Bar Invty. in Cost Price                       350

Beverage Deliveries in Cost Price                     450

Bar Consumpt in Cost Price                              350

Closing Bar Inventory in Cost Price                   450

Total Sales in Selling Price                             1,650

Bar Cost                                                         21.21%


Figure - 3            

Bar Consumption / Bar Sales = Bar Cost

Total Bar Consumpt in Cost Price                      350

Total Sales in Selling Price                              1,650

Bar Cost is                                                      21.21%


Figure - 4            

Bar Cost for the month is                             21.21%



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