Liqueur Coffee Recipes


A liqueur coffee or special coffee drink is a coffee mixed with liqueur or liquors. It may served in a special coffee glass or mug like Irish coffee glass with always brown sugar on the glass rim and floated whipping cream on top garnish with red cherry. 


caribbean coffee
chocolate almond
chocolate romana
coffee diable
coffee nuts
coffee romano
dairy nut coffee
don chocote
dutch coffee
french coffee
frozen cafe verano
frozen cafe el amor
frozen cafe mocha
frozen cafe primavera
frozen kahluaccino
frozen rocky road
greek coffee
hazernut chocolate
hermits coffee
highland coffee
hot chocana
imperial coffee
irish coffee
irish coffee VIP guest
italian coffee
jamaican coffee
keoke coffee
left bank coffee
mexican coffee
monte chocso
monte cristo coffee
montego baileys
nutty irishman version 1
nutty irishman version 2
o' reilly
odd father
rive gauche
royal coffee
spanish coffee
sweet frenchman