14 Most Popular Frozen Cocktails for Summer

14 Most Popular Frozen Cocktails for Summer

08/07/2017 18:57
14 Most Popular Frozen Cocktails for Summer     BBC Chi chi Coco loco Frozen daiquiri Frozen margarita Frozen blue margarita Frozen strawberry margarita Kahlua colada Margarita raspberry Miami vice Pina colada Pina colada milk shake Strawberry daiquiri Strawberry...

PINA COLADA cocktail in poco glass garnish with pineapple slice and red cherry on the glass rim

Frozen Drink


Frozen Drink

Are started at early 50s, the popular drinks presented are strawberry daiquiri and frozen margarita.  Later in 70s, 80s until now there is different kinds of frozen drinks (freeze, smoothly, slushy are blend with crushed ice) frozen drinks can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.


Frozen Drink Recipes


Amaretto colada
Amaretto rose
Apple daiquiri
Bahama mama
Banana daiquiri
Banana fofana
Banana punch
Beach comber
Berried treasure
Big bamboo
Blue caribbean
Blue hawaii
Blue margarita
Blue monday
Blue moon
Blue moon margarita
Blue seas
Bon voyage
California kool aid
Calm voyage
Calypso banana
Chi chi
Chi chi jamaican version
Chocolate banana
Coco loco
Coco banana
Coconut blossom
Coconut orchid
Dynamite ice
Frozen berkeley
Frozen daiquiri
Frozen margarita
Frozen melon sour
Frozen 1800 carat gold rita
Frozen blue margarita
Frozen margarita real
Frozen mint daiquiri
Frozen strawberry margarita
Frozen very berry rita
Geisha girl
Island reggae beat
Jamaica sting
Jamaica sunrise
Jamaican cocktail
Kahlua colada
Kiwi cooler
Love boat
Margarita raspberry
Margarita coyote
Melon daiquiri
Melon passion
Miami vice
Miami vice on ice
Midori colada
Mississippi mud
Moonlight erotica
Morgans treasure
Nut case
Ocean bubbles
Orange delight
Passion ice cream
Passion margarita
Peach blossom
Peach daiquiri
Peach pina colada
Peppermint bush
Perfect peach daiquiri
Pina colada
Pina colada milk shake
Pineapple daiquiri
Pink flamingo
Polar bear
Polar express
Reggae sunsplash
Road runner
Rose cocktail version 1
Rum runner
San juan freeze
Sex on the beach jamaican version
Silver cadillac
Steel bottom
Strawberry daiquiri
Strawberry margarita
Sunset glow
Tiziano cova
Virgin kiss


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