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Bartender Training Manual

Cocktail Mixing, Bar Service Guide, Beverage Guide, Bar Set Up, Bar Equipments, Popular Cocktails, Mocktail Recipe, Cocktail Recipe, Mixed Drink Recipe, and Sanitation Guide



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12 Bartender Training Manual

  1. USPH Standard
  2. Cocktails Guide
  3. Bar Service Procedures
  4. Bar Costing
  5. Bar Set-Up
  6. Bar Measurement Guide
  7. Bartender Duty Guide
  8. Cocktails Party Drink Set Menu
  9. Party Drink Set Menu
  10. Wine Sommelier
  11. Bartender Note's
  12. Bar Equipment


All cocktails and mixed drinks on this website are 100% real best and most popular cocktails, usually served on-board luxury cruise ships, five star hotels, first class bars/ discos/ pubs/ restaurants and luxury places around the world. Many bloggers are not really work or with experience in the bars, restaurants, pubs, hotels, cruise ships and they don't even travel to 7 continents of the world, Now! they're teaching us what are best cocktails, Its Funny? . Some bartenders or bar managers are working in one place or one country or one state only for long time and also claiming they know all best and popular cocktails. Well, that is their opinions. but, I believe that still they don't know what are the best and popular cocktails worldwide. The bartendercocktails owners was carefully collected all world's most popular cocktails while working on-board the luxury cruise ships "World Cruise" for almost two decades. Bartendercocktails was created to open your eyes and guide you to the truth, real best and most popular cocktails in the world. Here! you can built your fundamental Bartending Profession. Good Luck.


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Is a one of the world's best collection of cocktails and mixed drink recipes with perfect bartender guide to all areas of bartending profession. All contents are original and 100% unique. It was created to help people who want to learn bartending, bar serving and wine serving for free of charge.

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