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Black Cocktails

18/08/2016 17:27
Black Cocktail   Black Cocktail   Absolut Sensation   Bee Stinger   Black Martini   Black Russian   Brave Bull   Bull's Whip   Cafe Romano   Caribbean Coffee   Charlotte's Choice   Charro Negro   Coffee Diable   Coffee...

Brown Cocktails

18/08/2016 15:21
Brown Cocktail   Brown Cocktail   69   Alexander   Amore   Andreas   Apocalypse   Bachelor   Baileys Comet   Bandit   BBC      Brandy Alexander      Brown Velvet   China White   Chocolate...

Pink Cocktails

18/08/2016 14:47
Pink Cocktail   Pink Cocktail   Angel Kiss 1   Artic Orange   Bahama Mama   Caribbean Knockout   Celebrity Dream   Dynamite Ice   Fruit Smoothie   Guts   Jamaica Sting   Jamaican Cocktail   Jamaican Sunshine   Lava...

Yellow Cocktails

18/08/2016 00:59
Yellow Cocktail   Yellow Cocktail   57 Chevy   Amaretto Stone Som   Apple Daiquiri   Apricot Stone Sour   Banana Fofana   Beach Cooler   Bellini   Boccie Ball   Bon Voyage   Borinquen   Buck's Fizz   Cable Car   California Kool...

Green Cocktails

17/08/2016 23:57
Green Cocktail   Green Cocktail   After Eight   Amaretto Stinger   Anchors Away   Banana Boat   Bazooka Joe   Blue Bird of Happiness   Blue Caribbean   Blue Hawaii   Blue Moon Margarita   Blue Seas   Come by Chance   Controlled...

Blue Cocktails

17/08/2016 23:37
  Blue Cocktail   Blue Cocktail   Blue Lagoon      Blue Margarita   Blue Monday   Blue Moon   Century Martini   Crystal Slipper   Dolphine Martini   Frozen Blue Margarita   Ritz Fizz   Sakere Blue

Red Cocktails

17/08/2016 19:02
Red Cocktail   Red Cocktails   A day at the beach   Alabama Slammer   Amaretto Blossom   Amaretto Rose   Amelia   Americano   Annies itch   Bacardi Cocktail   Bacardi Limon Martini   Banana Punch   Batman Mocktail   Bay...

Cocktails Every Bartender Should Know

09/08/2016 14:01
  Cocktails and Mixed Drinks  Every Bartender Should Know   If you want to be a bartender or bar server you must know all cocktails and mixed drinks below, this is to complete your knowledge and ready to work in any bars, hotels and cruise ships around the...

Vegetable Juice Drink for Treating Cancer

10/07/2016 01:49
  Powerful Natural Cancer Cures     According to the experts, FRESH PRESSED JUICE from raw foods provides the easiest and most effective way of providing high quality nutritional. The cancer fighting protocol calls for patients to drink fresh vegetables juice each day including raw...

Cocktail Drink Recipes 7

13/06/2016 22:08
Cocktail Drink Recipes 7   Strawberry colada Strawberry daiquiri Strawberry margarita Sun and shade Sun viking Sunset glow Sweet cherry martini Sweet sixteen T K O Team Tetanus shot Tiger tail Time warp Tiziano cova Toasted almond Tokyo Top...
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