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Mezcal Perfect Margarita

30/04/2017 20:51
Mezcal Perfect Margarita Mezcal Perfect Margarita     Cocktail Recipe 60   ml   Mezcal Silver 20   ml   Cointreau 30   ml   Lime Juice 15   ml   Soda Water   5   ml   Grenadine   1 teas  Agave Nectar   4 dash...

7 Best Drinks for Cinco de Mayo

29/04/2017 02:04
  7 Best Drinks for Cinco de Mayo     Drink Recipes Bloody Maria Charro Negro Margarita Mezcal Sour Michelada Paloma Sangrita         BLOODY MARIA   Cocktail Recipe 45   ml   Jose...

Hangover Stabilizer

28/04/2017 02:13
Hangover Stabilizer   Hangover Stabilizer Cocktail   Cocktail Recipe   90 ml   Vodka 120 ml   Cranberry Juice   30 ml   Lime Juice   15 ml   Simple Syrup (2 sugar >1 water)     Glass        ...

The Secret of Best Margarita - The Perfect Taste

27/04/2017 13:41
The Secret of Best Margarita - The Perfect Taste BEST MARGARITA   Cocktail Recipe 60   ml   Tequila Silver 30   ml   Cointreau 40   ml   Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice   Glass         Margarita Method     ...

Breakfast Mojito

27/04/2017 00:17
Breakfast Mojito Breakfast Mojito Recipe     Cocktail Recipe 60   ml   Vodka 30   ml   Soda Water 20   ml   Simple Syrup(2 sugar >1 water) 1/4  slice   Fresh Lime Fruit (cut in four pcs) 1/4  slice   Fresh Lemon Fruit (cut in four...

18 Best Summer Cocktails

22/04/2017 10:53
  18 Best Summer Cocktail Recipes   Cocktails B.B.C Caipirinha Chi Chi Frozen Strawberry Margarita Gin Rickey Goombay Smash Madras Mexican Sunrise Miami Vice Mint Julep Moscow Mule Mudside Pina Colada Milk...

15 Best Summer Drink Recipes - Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks

21/04/2017 15:57
  Best Summer Drink Recipes - Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks Mocktail Recipes Artic Orange Celebrity Dream Frozen Cafe Verano Frozen Cafe Mocha Frozen Cafe Primavera Frozen Rocky Road Fruit Smoothie Fruit Punch Original Green Mango Freezee Icy...

Top 10 Cocktails Most Popular in the World

16/04/2017 21:25
Top 10 Cocktails     Popular Cocktails Bloody Mary Caipirinha Cosmopolitan Dry Martini Daiquiri Long Island Iced Tea Margarita Mojito Pina Colada Sangria    

How to become a bartender

22/03/2017 02:11
How to become a bartender, without bartending experience?   How to become a Bartender - 6 Steps Bar Service - service philosophy, taking orders, drinks, serving Beverage Guide - spirits/distilled wines, beers Bar Set Up - speed rack, bar rail, bar fridges and beer...

55 Best Cocktails

18/03/2017 12:19
55 Best Cocktails   Strawberry colada Strawberry daiquiri Strawberry margarita Strawberry mojito Sun and shade Sun viking Sunset glow Sweet cherry martini sweet frenchman Sweet sixteen Swizzle T K O Team Tequila Sunrise Tetanus shot The Last Word 1919-1930 Tiger tail Time warp Tinto de...
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