Want to be a Bartender? and wish to work in the Bar or Cruise Ships?



How to Become a Bartender?

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Bartender Guide

Cocktail Mixing, Bar Service Guide, Beverage Guide, Bar Set Up, Bar Equipments, Popular Cocktails, Mocktail Recipe, Cocktail Recipe, Mixed Drink Recipe, and Sanitation Guide


Bartender Training Manual


How to become a Bartender - 6 Steps

  1. Bar Service - service philosophy, taking orders, drinks, serving

  2. Beverage Guide - spirits/distilled wines, beers

  3. Bar Set Up - speed rack, bar rail, bar fridges and beer coolers

  4. Bar Equipment - bar tools, cocktail glasses

  5. Sanitation Guide - Personal hygiene, cleanliness

  6. Popular Cocktails - drinks, cocktails, mocktails